Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Due to the coronavirus, all healing sessions will be distant. Because Reiki heals outside of time and space, distance makes no difference in your healing.

Sessions for New Clients are $88.
Sessions for Returning Clients are $77.

The Process

Step 1: You will need to create a free Appointy account to book your appointment. Schedule your Distant Reiki Session below. (weekend sessions are available by request)

Step 2: Your session will be over Zoom.

Step 3: After your session, I will email you within a week to see how you are doing. To help bring about change in your life, you will need to be an active participant in your own healing .

Shamanic Reiki is a blending together of Traditional Japanese Reiki and Shamanic Healing. These healing sessions are done through a shamanic journey. Sessions are 90 minutes, and this includes discussion time.

Your Session will always include Connecting you with your Spirit Guides, as well as Light Language Healing.

Connecting you with your Helping Spirits

Everyone has at least one Helping Spirit. Most likely you have way more than one!  One or more may stay with you for your entire life.  Some may only stay for months or a few years, and then your guides may change as your life’s journey changes.  They assist us by giving us direction, wisdom, and companionship. They are here to protect us from negativity, and to fill us with personal power. Spirits take on a form that we are most receptive to. So your Spirit Helper may look like an ancestor, a tree or other nature beings, saints and angels, ascended masters, cosmic forces and star beings, balls of light, human figures, stones, symbols, animals, the elements, etc.

Connecting with your Helping Spirits is a fundamental component to your healing process as it gives you a true ally for your journey.

Light Language Healing

Your Guides do not naturally speak English, or any other Earthy language. Light Language is the expression of the spiritual healing that Source, and our Spirit Guides give to us. When spoken or sung, it can be compared to speaking in tongues. When written, it looks like symbols or codes.
Light Language is a transmission of an energetic vibration of healing. There is no direct English word-for-word translation to these cosmically channeled sounds. And yet they contain so much healing as they unlock things within you, or bring revelations to the surface. Light Language can balance and harmonize your body, mind, and soul.

Depending on your needs, your healing session may also include :

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes we may go through something that is so distressing, that part of our soul actually leaves us. Have you ever said “I haven’t been the same since….” ? Then there is a good chance that you have experienced soul loss. It is like a puzzle that is missing one piece. The puzzle can still be put together, but it isn’t complete. Soul loss can happen over time such as with long term emotional or physical abuse. Or it may be the result of a specific event, such as a sexual assault, divorce, or car accident. With your Guides, I can work on retrieving that lost soul part, integrate it back into you, and heal it and all your soul parts with powerful Reiki energy

Shamanic Extraction

This is the removal of misplaced energy. Shamanic Practitioners call this misplaced energy an intrusion. An intrusion is not negative, it is just energy that is in a place where it does not belong. Misplaced energy in the body or the environment will bring illness. The energy stored in the body could show itself as anger, or stress, or sadness. You may accidentally create this intrusion yourself by focusing way too much on something negative, such as the news or a very difficult person in your life. An empathic person may unintentionally absorb the energy of others like a sponge, and that energy should be removed so that only your energy is present in your body.

Removing Energetic Cords

Energetic cords connect us to other people. Many of these cords are healthy, such as with a loving spouse, or a dear friend. Sometimes however, we are corded to those who energetically drain us.
Cords can be people who are currently in our lives, as well as those who are not. The person may even be deceased. As time does not exist in the shamanic realm, it does not matter if the person is currently alive.
If that relationship does not benefit you, then it is important to remove the energetic cord between the two of you. These unhealed wounds affect your well-being, both physically and mentally.
Shamanic Reiki techniques can remove these draining cords that are a burden to you.

Removing cords brings deep healing and stops unhealthy patterns. Working with your Guides, we disconnect these detrimental cords. This frees you to move forward with your life

These sessions are for those who desire deep change in their lives, and are willing to listen to their Guides and take the action steps that they recommend. You must be willing to do the work.

In this image, you can see the Japanese Kanji for the word Reiki. When you break the kanji down, you can see the shaman is the connection between heaven and earth. The shaman is needed to move the “water” to the “rice”, for it to cook. This provides energy and spiritual sustenance to others.

Contact me with any questions.

Reiki and Shamanic Practice are complementary therapies. I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose.

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