Shamanic Reiki Sessions

In-person Shamanic Reiki sessions are available by appointment in my home office in Fort Collins Colorado. You will be given the address after you make an appointment. For those allergic, please note that there is a cat on the premises. Distant Shamanic Reiki sessions are done through Zoom video. So you can live anywhere in the world and receive a healing session from me.

Shamanic Reiki is a blending together of Traditional Japanese Reiki and Shamanic Healing. These healing sessions are done through a shamanic journey.

Through a shamanic journey, I travel to an alternate realm, and invite your soul to join me and my spiritual guides. I also call upon your own spirit guides to help with the healing. Your spiritual guides will support you during the entire process. Shamanic Reiki is extremely powerful. There may be times were the healing session is just that, a deep Shamanic Reiki healing that removes blocked or stagnant energies, along with messages and healing from your spirit guides. Sometimes, more may be needed, and your spirit guides will let me know.

Power Animal Retrieval

Power Animals are spiritual guides who take the form of an undomesticated animal. Most people have at least one animal guide. You may even have more than one.  One or more animal guides may stay with you for your entire life.  Some may only stay for months or a few years, and then your guides may change as your life’s journey changes.  Power Animals assist us by giving us direction, wisdom, and companionship. They are here to protect us from negativity, and to fill us with personal power. I will journey to the spirit world and bring back the animal guide that you are in need of at this time in your life.  Retrieving a Power Animal is a fundamental component to your healing process as it gives you a true ally for your journey.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes we may go through something that is so disturbing or distressing, that part of our soul actually leaves us. While this may be useful in the short term (as the separation protects that soul part from lasting harm) it is important to get that soul part back. Have you ever said “I haven’t been the same since….” ? Then there is a good chance that you have experienced soul loss. It is like a puzzle that is missing one piece. The puzzle can still be put together, but it isn’t complete. Soul loss can happen over time such as with long term emotional abuse, or with a specific event, such as a sexual assault or a car accident. As a Core Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master, I can work on retrieving that lost soul part, integrate it back into you, and heal it and all your soul parts with powerful Reiki energy

Shamanic Extraction

Shamanic Extraction is the removal of misplaced energy. Shamanic Practitioners call this misplaced energy an intrusion. An intrusion is not negative, it is just energy that is in a place where it does not belong. Misplaced energy in the body or the environment will bring illness. The energy stored in the body could show itself as anger, or stress, or sadness. You may accidentally create this intrusion yourself by focusing way too much on something negative, such as the news or a very difficult person in your life. An organ transplant is also an example of a situation that may need a Shamanic Extraction. Shamanic Practitioners believe that everything has a soul. So a kidney or a heart transplanted from another may contain the energy of the donor, and that energy should be removed so that only your energy is present in your body.

Shamanic Reiki sessions are 60-90 minutes. This includes some discussion time. Your investment in yourself – $90

In the below Japanese Kanji for the word Reiki, you can see the shaman is the connection between heaven and earth, where the uncooked rice is. The shaman is needed to move the water to the spiritual “rice”, to provide energy and sustenance to the people of earth.

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