Shamanic Communication Class

These classes are held over Zoom video.

Small Group Classes:

Zoom class size is limited to eight people.
Contact me to schedule your class.

Private Individual Classes:

I am more than happy to teach one-on-one classes.
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– The ability to journey successfully.
– You must have at least one personal Helping Spirit (Power Animal or Teacher).
– You must have at least one animal in your home or barn.

Part One – Shamanic Animal Communication
(6 separate sessions)

Shamanic Animal Communication

1) How to set up your sacred communication space, and immerse yourself in it. You will also connect with an animal for the first time.
2) Common situations in animal communication.
3) Our relationships with animals in our household. You will work on the connection between your animal(s) and the humans in your house.
4) You will learn to connect animals with their spirit kin.
5) Discover your animal’s life purpose
6) How to communicate with animals who have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Part Two – Shamanic House and Land Spirit Communication
(4 separate sessions)

1) Meet the Spirits of your home and land. Learn to connect with and honor the land around you.
2) Learn to identify what is happening on your land energetically.
3) You will work on the connection between your animal(s) and the spirits of your house and land.
4) Discover your House and Land Spirits purpose.

Shamanic Communication is a profound practice that expands our relationship with animals and House Spirits to a whole new level. For in shamanic journeying, we create a safe sacred space where the animal feels relaxed, and so communication happens easily and naturally. In this space, animals share information that they may not otherwise. Even shy animals are soothed, and dialogue just flows. Your Spirit Guides confirm and add to everything you are getting. Shamanic animal communication allows us to deeply connect with an animal at the soul level. Many find this method to be easier than traditional telepathic animal communication.

Your house and Land Spirits are also part of your family. They are the ones who guard and protect your property. They will work in concert to assist us, when we acknowledge and honor them. Real estate websites will have the sale history of your house. Your House and Land Spirits will know the spiritual history of your house.

This Shamanic Communication Class is a total of ten sessions, spaced out over a ten week period. Each class lasts 2 hours. Your between class journeying homework is what will enrich and strengthen your skills.

Your investment in yourself – $123

(Angel Number 123 is a message to trust your intuition, and that you are ready to go deeper into your work. Your Helping Spirits will assist you in manifesting your desires)

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