Kind Words

Reiki Sessions

Having been attuned in Reiki and after a couple of years of a sorrowful situation, I knew as a healer myself that I needed the assistance of a healer. I needed to get over the cycle of grief that was continuous and had trouble moving forward. When Sacred Space Reiki popped up the second time, I knew what I needed to do. So I called, and I received the healing that my soul and spirit so desperately needed. Thank you, Kelly, for being available, but as we know it is always perfect timing when we listen and allow Spirit to show us the way.
– J.M.

Akashic Readings

I knew nothing about Akashic Records Readings before a friend sent me to Kelly. The session was validating, informative, precise and mind-blowing. I took notes during the session, I just reread them and was inspired and validated all over again. I highly recommend Kelly and would love to connect with her again. She’s authentic and real. Thank you again, Kelly. Love and blessings.

– B.J.

I had an Akashic Records reading done by Kelly at Sacred Space Reiki, WOW!!! Kelly is so amazing and gifted, she explained every step, she was detailed, kind and professional. I could feel her loving energy from the moment we spoke, she made sure that I understood all that she was experiencing, it was exciting, emotional and insightful, just an amazing reading. I recommended Kelly to friends and family and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading to gain more insight into their life journey or for a healing, you won’t be disappointed!

– J.N.

What a wonderful experience I had with the Akashic reading. I felt so much positive energy from Kelly and had an amazing mother to mother talk at the end. It was something that I needed to hear for a long time.
– A.C.

I’d like to take a moment to really express my sincerest gratitude for your work with me today! You were very clearly able to tap into the heart and soul of myself as a human person and the metaphors and symbolism you gave me moved me to tears! I understood everything on a deep profound level and I am so grateful to have been able for that time. Many many blessings on your path and with this very valuable and sacred knowledge you are helping to share with people! I bow in reverence and awe
– V.P.

I just want to thank Kelly from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful, awe-inspiring Akashic reading and healing session she did with me virtually. She brings such heart energy that one can’t help but feel at ease and comfortable with the doors of wisdom she unlocks. The messages she retrieved for me were so soul nurturing, beyond profound of any reading I’ve probably ever had to date. I know and trust that Kelly is bringing forth her vibrant light into all that she does, reading, healing and otherwise. Thank you, Kelly, for your gifts, your light and your generosity. Your words from the other side of my soul blueprint will be deeply rooted into my being here forward. Thank you and many blessings to you dear light and love
– A.P.

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