Animal Sessions

Distant Animal Healing Sessions. Reiki heals outside of time and space, and distance makes no difference in your animal’s healing. In fact a distant session is ideal for animals, because they are in their own home or barn surrounded by familiar things and people.

The Process
Step 1: Email me at with a photo and brief description of your animal. You can include information about why you are seeking a session, although that is not strictly necessary.

Step 2: Send payment through PayPal for Distant Shamanic Animal Reiki Zoom Sessions.
A Single Shamanic Animal Reiki Session is $44.
A Package of 3 Shamanic Animal Reiki Sessions is $123 (save $9)
There is no charge for Distant Traditional Japanese Animal Reiki Sessions.

Distant Traditional Animal Reiki Sessions

There is no charge for Traditional Animal Reiki Sessions.

Reiki is wonderful for:
Maintaining health
Bringing relaxation and stress relief
Accelerating healing
Reducing pain
Healing past trauma
Bringing peace

Distant Animal Reiki is helpful for all animals. For healthy animals, it is wonderful for their self-care. For sick animals, Reiki supports them during their illness. Reiki can also be a great comfort for when an animal is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The session will be completely remote, not over Zoom. During the appointment time, I ask that your animal has quiet downtime to relax. If you can silently be with your animal during this healing time, that would be ideal, but you do not need to be home with your animal at the time.
After your animal’s session, I will email you to see how your animal is doing. You will need to observe your animal in the days that follow for any changes. Let them verbally know that you are there for them on their healing journey.

Contact me with any questions.

Distant Shamanic Animal Reiki Sessions

Our animals lives are more complex than we may realize. Whether they have hooves, scales, fins, or fur, they are bright souls who need healing just as much as humans do.
We will meet over Zoom, and your animal does not have to be in the room with you.

What to expect:
We will set sacred space, then call in your animal’s soul to join us in non-ordinary reality. Then we focus on the intention for the session. After the shamanic journey healing session, we will have some discussion time. Afterwards, I will email you the Zoom recording.

Your animal’s session will include Shamanic Animal Communication. Also, please see my Shamanic Reiki Page for information about what the session may entail for your animal.

Distant Shamanic Animal Reiki Zoom Sessions are $44. A Package of 3 sessions is $123. Schedule your Zoom session below. You will need to create a free Appointy account to book your appointment. (weekend Shamanic Animal Reiki Sessions are available by request. I am flexible.)

Contact me with any questions.

Energy Healing is a complementary therapy. I am not a veterinarian and I do not diagnose.

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