Animal Sessions

Distant Shamanic Reiki Animal Healing Sessions. Reiki heals outside of time and space, and distance makes no difference in your animal’s healing. As they are in their own home or barn surrounded by familiar things and people, a distant session is ideal for animals .

A Single Animal Shamanic Reiki Session is $44.

Distant Animal Shamanic Reiki is helpful for all animals. For healthy animals, it is wonderful for their self-care. If your animal is sick, Reiki supports them during their illness. In addition, Reiki can also be a great comfort for when an animal is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Our animals lives are more complex than we may realize. Whether they have hooves, scales, fins, or fur, they are bright souls who need healing just as much as humans do.

Reiki is wonderful for:
Maintaining health
Bringing relaxation and stress relief
Accelerating healing
Reducing pain
Healing past trauma
Bringing peace

Before your animal’s appointment you will need to send the following by email,

Animal Healing

1) ONE photo of your animal by themselves, looking directly into the camera.
2) Their name
3) Their gender
4) The names of other household members and animals.
5) Their age
6) How long they have lived with you
7) If they are alive or over the Rainbow Bridge
8) Any questions you would like me to ask your animal.

Animal Healing

After I receive your email with your animal’s information, I will have a private healing session with them through a shamanic journey. Your animal’s session is entirely remote, and not over video or phone. I will be in a deep shamanic trance, connecting with their soul, their guides, and Source. After the session, you will receive a detailed email about what happened during the journey

Your animal’s Healing Session will always include Distance Reiki, Connecting with their Spirit Guides, as well as Light Language Healing. Like Reiki, Light Language Healing is vibrational, and is felt by them even if they can not hear it with their physical ears.

The session will also include by its very nature, Shamanic Animal Communication.
Please observe your animal in the days that follow for any changes. Let them verbally know that you are there for them on their healing journey.

Shamanic Reiki is life changing. To begin this step in your animal’s healing journey, please email me at

Payment by PayPal must be received before your appointment. Please click below,

Energy Healing is a complementary therapy. I am not a veterinarian and I do not diagnose.

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