Akashic Records Readings

Imagine that you can…

Receive clarity on the issues you are currently facing. Receive insights and answers to your life questions. Receive guidance that is both healing and illuminating. Transform the beliefs that are holding you back. Move forward in your life with purpose. Discover what is possible for you. Clarify next steps to take to manifest your life purpose.

All of this is possible with an Akashic Records Reading.

What are the Akashic Records?

 Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word Akasha which means space, or sky, or ether. The Akashic Records is the Univer’s energetic library. In this library are sacred books that contain information on every lifetime of every soul that has ever lived. Yes, you have your own book in this Akashic Library! Every achievement, challenge, and task that you undertake is written down by your Akashic Guides. They record your contracts, and your promises that you made to yourself and to others. It is also here that you can find your life purposes, and heal past life issues that are impacting you in this lifetime.

An Akashic Records Reading is not a Psychic Reading. The goal of an Akashic Records Reading is not to create a certain outcome, or to predict the future. It is to help you see yourself from your soul’s perspective, and from the perspective of your Spiritual Guides. An Akashic Reading can help you understand the opportunities before you. This will help your soul evolve, which of course will help every area of your life.

Having an Akashic Records Reading can help you with your relationships, your career, your soul growth, and your direction in life.
Having a reading is a fantastic tool to help you heal and move forward.

Before your session, write down a list of 2-3 questions that you would like to ask your Akashic Guides. How, why, and what questions are best, while time related and yes-or-no questions are not.

Akashic Records Readings will either be in-person in my home office in Fort Collins, or online through Zoom video*. So you can live anywhere in the world, and receive an enlightening Akashic Records Reading from Sacred Space Reiki.
– For in-person sessions, if you are allergic, please know we have a short-haired cat.
– For online sessions, please know that all appointment times are in the Mountain Time Zone.

Your Akashic Reading will unfold like this:

5-10 minute conversation about your overall intention for the reading.
I will say a prayer to open your Akashic Records (the prayer uses your name).
You can ask your questions (your how, why, and what questions).
I will share the information I see and feel, which will all be for your highest good.
I will then thank all of your Guides and Record Keepers.
I will say a prayer to close your records, then clear and ground.
5-10 minute conversation about any additional guidance and how to move forward from here.

Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.
Your investment in yourself – $60.


For the best Akashic Records Reading, please refrain from alcohol and recreational drugs 24 hours, and caffeine 12 hours before your appointment.

Email me at kelly@sacredspacereiki.com if you have any questions.


* You can connect to Zoom for free from any computer, iPhone, or Android. It is available for manual download here. If you wish to use the phone app instead, search for Zoom Cloud Meetings in the iTunes or Google Play Store. If you are new to Zoom, please download it well before your appointment time so that you are all ready to go the minute your appointment starts.

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