Hello my name is Kelly. I work with energy to awaken your empowerment, and bring you harmony.

As a child, I always felt different than everyone else, but I couldn’t explain why.

As I got older, several calming practices nourished my soul but I still felt that there were a few puzzle pieces yet to be discovered.

In 2012 Reiki came into my life. After being on this healing path for several years, my Helping Spirits told to me that I was to share this light with others. So in January 2017 I opened Sacred Space Reiki®.

In the Autumn of 2017 my Helping Spirits made it very clear that I was to add shamanic practice to my work. So in 2018 I started on that path. I practice core shamanism.

Then I discovered that I am a Starseed and finally realized why I always felt different. I had my Light Language activated, so my Shamanic Reiki Sessions include Light Language healing.

You will love how a healing session makes you feel. And what an awakening it is to be a Reiki Master and a Shamanic Practitioner.

Your animal needs healing too…

And you may not be the only one who is struggling. Your animal would love to go on a healing journey with you! Animals need healing just as much as people do. Your animal friend is a soul who has chosen to be your pet in their current lifetime. My Reiki classes include instruction in Animal Reiki. I also teach a Shamanic Communication Class to help you communicate with animals.
Taking a class from me will deepen your relationship with your animal.

I just love to help people and animals live their best lives.
I create a sacred space for your deep healing. This brings a more peaceful, joyful life to you and your animals.

I live with my family in beautiful northern Colorado with our pet birds and tripod cat.
Contact me at kelly@sacredspacereiki.com

Sacred Space Reiki is LGBTQIA+ friendly. All are welcome.

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