She remembered who she was, and the game changed.

Reiki Master

When I found out that I am a Starseed, two things happened at once.
Everything fell into place. And everything fell apart. For even a butterfly must break open its chrysalis in order to emerge.

Our path unfolds when we are ready.

As a child, I always felt different from everyone else. I remember seeing blue lights in the air that no one else saw. I remember feeling like an observer to the world and not fully a part of it.

As I got older, I realized I could communicate telepathically with trees, and that the sky had a song. But I still felt that there were puzzle pieces yet to be discovered.

In 2012 Reiki came into my life. After being on this healing path for several years, my Helping Spirits told to me that I was to share this light with others. So I opened Sacred Space Reiki® in January 2017.
That same year my Helping Spirits made it very clear that I was to add shamanic practice to my work. So in 2018 I started on that path. I practice core shamanism.

Then I discovered that I am a Starseed and finally realized why I always felt different. I had my Light Language activated, so my Shamanic Reiki Sessions include Light Language healing.

My journey has been, and continues to be, beautiful, challenging, transformative, and juicy. And I am here to help you experience your awakening as well.
You will love how a healing session makes you feel. And what an awakening it is to be a Reiki and a Shamanic Practitioner.

Your animal needs healing too…

Animal Reiki

And you may not be the only one who is struggling. Your animal would love to go on a healing journey with you! Animals need healing just as much as people do. Your animal friend is a soul who has chosen to be your pet in their current lifetime. My Reiki classes include instruction in Animal Reiki. I also teach a Shamanic Communication Class to help you communicate with animals.
Taking a class from me will deepen your relationship with your animal.

I just love to help people and animals live their best lives.
I create a sacred space for your deep healing. This brings a more peaceful, joyful life to you and your animals.

I live with my family in beautiful northern Colorado with our pet birds and tripod cat.
Contact me at kelly@sacredspacereiki.com

Sacred Space Reiki ® is LGBTQIA+ friendly. All are welcome.

In this image, you can see the Japanese Kanji for the word Reiki. When you break the kanji down, you can see the shaman is the connection between heaven and earth. The shaman is needed to move the “water” to the “rice”, for it to cook. This provides energy and spiritual sustenance to others.

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