Journeying to where help is needed

I attended a Shamanic Journeying Group this evening. The facilitator led us through 2 separate journeys. On the second one, she asked us to go to our helping spirits, and to ask them where our help was needed most at this time. Of course one would immediately think their help was needed in Australia, or maybe a journey about the coronavirus.
Instead, as soon as the drumming started, my guides immediately took me to Canada. They wanted me to help clear the imprint of confusion at a hiking trail. This energy of confusion was hovering in this one area where there are several forks in the path. They said it was causing people to get lost while hiking. It started with one person feeling disoriented at that spot and the panic and confusion and indecision stayed in that area after they left. Then as more people came on their hikes, the confusion grew.
So I worked on removing the imprint. With compassionate helping spirits, we removed the feeling and transformed it into a feeling of knowingness. So that now when people reach that spot on the trail they will feel confident and calm.
I have no way of fact checking my journey in ordinary reality. I just know that it is true and the task came from spirit. I never would have thought that.
So thank you spirits for letting me help.




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