message from Crow

Sometime last Spring, my husband brought home a crow feather for me. He came out of a building and went over to his car to drive home. There directly in front of his car in the grass, was a crow watching him. My husband looked down for a few seconds as he got his keys out of his pocket. When he looked back up, the crow was gone, but a tail feather remained. So he gave it to me.

The crow feather has been in my Reiki room, sitting on top of a giant piece of selenite, on top of a short bookcase. About 2 or 3 days ago I was going in and out of my Reiki room, cleaning up, decluttering, and organizing. At one point, I was moving quickly in and out of the room as I removed stuff. Then on one of the times I came back in the room, I saw the crow feather was on the floor in front of the bookcase. How did that happen? I knew I had not knocked it over by accident. And it seemed unlikely that I had walked past the bookcase so fast that a breeze might have been created by my body, which might have made it fall. It was a mystery that I didn’t feel I had time for that day, as I was busy decluttering.
Just in case it had been my fault somehow, I picked up the crow feather and put it behind the selenite, directly on the wood of the bookcase.
Then today I spent most of the day scrubbing the rest of the house top to bottom. But I did not go in my Reiki room to clean it, since it was already clean from the other day.
After dinner, I found my headphones, and went to put them back in my Reiki room where they belonged. I opened the door, and what did I find? The crow feather on the ground again in front of the bookcase.
Crow wanted to talk to me.

So I went on a shamanic journey to listen to crow. I received (of course) very valuable information.
This experience with the feather in my Reiki room was a classic example of a spirit guide who makes it quite clear that they do indeed want to be my guide right now. This did not happen when I first got the feather many, many months ago. Crow waited until the right time to speak with me. For when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. So we must trust and be grateful.


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