knowing you are on the right track

Your Spirit Guides have a way of telling you that you are on the right track, even before you know it was them that sent the messages.
I still don’t remember exactly what moment I decided to take a Reiki class. Maybe the word just kept popping up and I finally got curious and looked into it. But I do know that was when my dreams changed.

For most of my life I actually dreamt in black and white. I do remember that I’ve always been able to control things in my dreams. But the dreams were black and white. Learning Reiki actually changed my dreams to color. Some dreams over the years have been profound. Some were normal dreams that kind of made no sense. But they were all in color now. With very clear sound too.
My dreams are now like watching a very vivid movie with surround sound. Like a movie where I am not only the main actor, but the director. This is a very clear sign that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

When you start to spiritually awaken, you will find your life shifting. Maybe your dreams turn color. Maybe you start seeing repeating numbers on clocks. Maybe coincidences start to happen. All of these are signs from the Universe and your Spirit Guides that you are finally stepping onto the right path. That you are waking up to part of why you came here to Earth.
Answering the call is the first step on that path.




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