Reiki is always on

Sometimes you might hear Reiki practitioners say they are “turning their Reiki on” before a session. But in truth Reiki is always on. So I am wondering if what they mean is “I am going to pay attention to Reiki now”.

One of my favorite times is laying down in bed. This could either be first thing in the morning before I have gotten up, or at night when I settle down into bed to sleep. There is something about being in that relaxed state that I can really feel Reiki. My body will get “buzzy” and feel a bit “electric”. With nothing else to focus on, I can really feel Reiki. But It Is Always There! Even while driving or at the grocery store.


Reiki is a lifestyle. Not a hands-on healing practice. Once you become attuned to Reiki it is a part of you, always. You can not turn it off. You can turn your attention away from it. But wouldn’t it be nice to be your true self, and to pay attention to it more often? The more you pay attention to it, the more you will feel it. And the more your true self will shine through.


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