Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin (Guan Yin, Kuan Yin) is the Chinese Goddess of compassion, mercy, and kindness. In Japan, she is known as Kannon.

One of the temples on Mount Kurama in Japan has an area dedicated to Kannon. As the goddess of mercy, she is the one who hears the cries of those that call her name, and will do her best to help. Reiki practitioners will recognize Mount Kurama in the history of Usui Reiki.

I was recently in a used bookstore here in Fort Collins. I looked up on top of a bookcase and saw Kwan Yin. It was a lovely reminder to take Reiki with you wherever you go. – That it is not something you “turn on” during Reiki time and then “turn off”. We must be Reiki always.


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