Editing my Reiki Manuals

I spent the afternoon editing some of my Reiki manuals. I also went over my attunement ceremonies and realized that I wanted to change some things from how I was taught. In a few days it will be the year 2020. Reiki, and Reiki attunements have changed a lot in the past decades. Our attunement ceremonies are not how Usui did them. But I believe they are meaningful to how we practice now. To how Usui Reiki has grown and changed. I try to keep my Usui Reiki teachings a bit more on the traditional Japanese side. But I understand that when a teaching is introduced into a new culture, that new culture influences it. And so the teachings change a bit. So much can be added to Usui Reiki. Crystals, chakra work, essential oils, singing bowls, oracle cards, etc. I think that is fine as long as we remember the foundation. Remember the core teachings of Usui Reiki. I love the simple rituals of the Usui Reiki meditations. I love the Usui Reiki Precepts. And I am happy with how my teachings have evolved. Thank you Usui.


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