Reiki seemed like it was always there

I was first attuned to energy healing in April 2012. But I do not remember when I first heard about Reiki. I also do not remember what first got me interested.
But then after I was attuned it felt like I had always done this. Of course that is not remotely true, but the energy felt so familiar that surely I was just reclaiming what my soul already knew.
My Animal Reiki training began in the Spring of 2013. I have well over 8 months in training in just Animal Reiki alone. So now I have many years of experience in Animal Reiki.
In January 2017 I became a Usui Reiki Master. And in April 2019 I became a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, as well as an Animal Reiki Master Teacher.
I am at home in my work, because Reiki is a major part of why I came to Earth.
Here is a photo of me offering Reiki to my cat.


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