I had wonderful validation yesterday that yes, shamanic practice does work. (of course)
Due to an issue that my cat had when we was born, one of his legs was amputated. So now he is an adorable tripod. 🙂 This happened a few years before I became a shamanic practitioner. Fast forward to one year ago, and I did a soul retrieval for him, to get back the soul piece that went missing with his amputated leg. In a shamanic journey I reattached the essence of that leg. Obviously the physical leg is long gone. But my cat is now whole because I brought back his missing soul piece.

Yesterday, I was talking with an acquaintance who is also a shamanic practitioner. We exchanged sessions with our cats. I did a soul retrieval for her cat, and she talked to my cat (as he declined a soul retrieval and just wanted to talk).
In a shamanic journey, my cat said to her that he does not like people to come over to the house because he does not like people feeling sorry for him, or mentioning his missing leg. It makes him upset, and why can’t anyone see his magic leg that he has?

That Blew Me Away! Because this woman had no idea that I had done a soul retrieval for his missing leg. She didn’t understand what he was talking about when he said “magic leg”. So I explained to her the shamanic journey I had done for him a year ago, and she was delighted to get validation that yes indeed, she had connected to my cat in a shamanic journey.

Shamanic healing works!

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