Looking for Spiritual or Emotional Guidance and Healing?

Through my Akashic Readings and Shamanic Reiki Sessions, I help you gain clarity, direction and healing…

Through my Classes, I help you empower yourself, connect with your guides, and be the healer you are meant to be.

When you’re struggling or hurting your life can feel like it’s turned upside down.

Perhaps you simply need some guidance on a particular situation.

You may not be able to think clearly. As you try to make decisions, solutions keep spinning around in your head.

If you’re depressed or stressed, it may be challenging to focus and get things done. You may feel unmotivated to do anything.

You may feel discouraged because you’ve tried to overcome your problems to no avail.

Regardless of what type of guidance or healing you’re seeking, I can help.

My Akashic Readings Offer Guidance if You’re:

Feeling low, depressed, worried or anxious

Grieving the loss of a relationship or death of a loved one

Struggling in a current relationship

Worried about your finances

Confused about your life’s purpose or career direction

Struggling with physical pain or illness

Wanting to open up to your spiritual guides

My Shamanic Reiki Sessions Offer Healing if You’re:

In physical or emotional pain

Feeling lost or confused

Stressed or worried

Feeling irritable or on edge

Not sleeping well

Wanting to boost your energy and overall wellbeing

You CAN Get the Answers or the Healing You’re Looking for.

I have a compassionate heart and love passing on loving messages to my clients.

Why take a Class from me?

My spiritual awakening through Reiki opened the floodgates to my connection with my spirit guides.

The gift of clairvoyance and clairempathy that I received propelled me to do further work in Shamanic Healing.

One big reason why I am here on Earth now is to help spiritually awaken and empower people. Taking a class from me may help you find and strengthen your spiritual “clair” gift.
I would love to help you become a healer.

I’m passionate about helping you discover your own bright soul.

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