The next step of your awakening is here…

Reiki helps you gain clarity, harmony, and wholeness.

Shamanism helps you empower yourself, connect with your guides, and step into your purpose.

You are ready,


-To listen to your Highest Guides and trust the journey that awakens your power.

-For the bliss that comes from connecting with your authentic self.

-To let go of what does not nourish your soul and to step into a new life of happiness and gratitude.

-For the sacred work of healing yourself, and becoming a healer of others.

-To reawaken the wisdom that is hibernating deep within the core of your being.

-For the divine energy of Reiki to fill your body, mind, and soul.

-To bring in a new wave of light and vibrational energy to help raise Earth’s consciousness.

-For your connection with animals to be transformed as you nurture them on their own healing journey.

My Shamanism Classes Will Empower You If You’re:

Wanting to open up to your Helping Spirits

Ready to step into your life’s purpose

Seeking to connect deeper with animals

Looking to fine-tune your Spiritual Gifts

Wanting to teach others so that the world has more healers

My Reiki Classes Will Calm You If You’re:

In physical or emotional pain

Feeling lost or confused

Stressed or worried

Feeling irritable or on edge

Not sleeping well

Wanting to boost your energy and overall wellbeing

Why connect with me?

My spiritual awakening through Reiki opened the floodgates to my connection with my Helping Spirits

The gift of empathic clairs that I received propelled me to do further work in Shamanic Healing.

I am here on Earth to help spiritually awaken and empower people. Taking a class from me may help you find and strengthen your spiritual “clair” gift.
I am also here to help your animal on their healing journey.

I’m passionate about helping you and your animals heal.

Animal Reiki

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